Phenomenal Aghori-inspired artworks by ThinnkDesign Studio Art / Painting / Sketching

Aghori is an ascetic who dedicates his entire life to worship Lord Shiva, following rigorous rituals as part of their religious routine. These ascetics can be seen in different parts of India, and are known to perform their rituals on cremation grounds. Their uncommon religious routine often arouses curiosity among the public, including various artists.

Recently, we came across beautiful Aghori-inspired artworks by Delhi-based ThinnkDesign Studio. This design studio excels in creating graffiti, wall mural, canvas painting, sculpture, portrait, and other artistic installations. But their ‘Aghori Sadhu’ series caught our eye and we loved each detail of their amazing works of art.

The artist Lalit Kumar from ThinnkDesign Studio has even created a series called “Rhythm of Life” inspired by Aghoris. He has used charcoal on paper to create various illustrations. Besides these dark-coloured illustrations, he has also created many Aghori Sadhu-themed paintings using water-colours and acrylics.

These paintings and drawings show Aghoris in their unusual attire, performing their bizarre rituals. Check out the images below to see the incredible art pieces inspired by Aghoris. Also, see more work by the design studio on their official website, Instagram and Facebook page.

aghori-inspired artworks-1

aghori-inspired artworks-4

aghori-inspired artworks-3

aghori-inspired artworks-2

Rhythm of Life Series made from charcoal

aghori-inspired artworks-5

aghori-inspired artworks-6

aghori-inspired artworks-7

aghori-inspired artworks-8

aghori-inspired artworks-9

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