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Dramatic dioramas of famous logos made by Vatsal Kataria Art / Design / DIY / Photography

Vatsal Kataria, an Indian conceptual photographer, is not just known for capturing unique photographs, but also for creating out-of-the-world DIY projects. Earlier we have seen his exclusive collections – “miniature versions of places from his dreams” and “photo series showing the same scene in two different perspectives.” Now he has come up with another exclusive project that will surely leave you spellbound.

Photographer recreates Gustav Klimt’s iconic paintings with real models Art / Painting / Photography

What if your favourite painting on the wall could come alive? Well, we’re not sure about all the paintings, but Gustav Klimt’s iconic paintings, which were created during his “Golden Phase” from 1899 through 1910, are brought into real life by photographer Inge Prader. The talented photographer has managed to recreate selected iconic works with the help of real models.

Russian photographer reimagines fairytale scenes with real animals Photography

Every fairytale has a beautiful princess and a handsome prince. But Russian photographer Olga Barantseva has reimagined her own fairytale world, where a prince has been replaced with ‘real’ wild animals. With her surreal photographs, she has managed to capture the world that’s far away from the digital world or just beyond one’s imagination.

10 ingenious Indian artists you need to follow on Instagram Artists

In the digital era, there are many online platforms for artists to showcase their imaginative artworks. Instagram has become one of the popular social networks where urban artists can scaffold their creative art pieces for the world to see. This online photo-sharing and video-sharing social networking service have given many upcoming young artists an opportunity to show their creative side to a large audience.