19-year-old Indian artist creates incredibly realistic 3D drawings Featured / Sketching

Well, this is not a crushed coke can, it’s an incredibly photorealistic drawing by a 19-year-old Indian artist – Sushant Sushil Rane from Mumbai, India. He typically uses Copic markers and graphite pencils to create realistic 3D drawings, which look so real that you might mistake them for photos.

Pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree at Ramnarain Ruia College in Mumbai, Rane is a self-taught artist who creates a hyper-realistic objects on a piece of paper with all his heart and soul. Although it takes years of practice to excel in the art of hyper-realistic drawings, but it’s commendable that this teenager has mastered the skill of photorealistic sketching at this young age.

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-18

This proves that art has nothing to do with age, genre, class, or boundary. Rane has created a wide variety of realistic objects on paper, including bulbs, fried eggs, Rubik’s cubes, knives, glasses and more. These drawn pictures seem to be sprouting out of the canvas, almost tangible with real feel and a nice blend of colours.

It’s truly unbelievable to see how an artist can create magic out of the blue, using simple drawing tools and creative tactics. It needs just the right amount of colours, strokes, and textures to create a masterpiece that looks incredibly real. Hopefully, it will give skylines to beginners to continue drawing and master the art with determination.

Check the complete collection by this young chap in the images given below. You may also follow him on Facebook to  see more of his stunning 3D works.

A can of coke

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-3

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-4

Crushed coke can

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-11

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings

Unbelievably realistic glass

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-5

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-6

The light bulb seems that it’s gonna light up any moment now

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-8

Mobile phone anyone?

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-10

Knife for chopping!!

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-2

Can you solve this?

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-1

All cracked up

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-15

Sunny side up

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-13

Scissors for crafts

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-12

A coin for piggy bank

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-15

Please, pass the fork

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-13

Yummy, Nutella!

Sushant Sushil Rane 3D Drawings-15

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