About us

Who we are

EdgyMinds is a source for insightful information on creative artworks. We are aiming to provide an online platform to artists for sharing their skillful journey, as well as pass on their wonderful creations to art aficionados.

Celebrating ingenuity each day, we take you inside the workshops, studios, and stores where gifted artists spend days, weeks or even months to create one-of-a-kind art pieces. We do not promise to be trendsetters, but we strongly intend to update you on a daily basis about the current and potential trendsetters.

Our mission

The website is the result of our eagerness to know about the latest developments in the world of art, music, photography, design, entertainment and lifestyle. In future, we’ll also be bringing some inimitable products to your reach.

Stay tuned for latest updates about creative souls around us

They Say

  • Revolutions of the bright points that first defined him to me. And beneath the effulgent Antarctic skies I have boarded the Argo

    John Smith
    Ipsum Bloger
  • Bantarctic skies I have boarded the argo revolutions of the bright points that first defined him to me and beneath the effulgent

    Jane Doe
    Bloger Ipsum