Artist replaces ads on billboards with photos of landscapes they blocked Artists / Photography

Using billboards for promoting a brand or product is an age-old medium to advertise – as it’s the easiest way to make onlookers aware of particular products. But the problem with these huge billboards is that they block some picturesque landscapes around us. To change that and reconnect people with nature, visual artist Jennifer Bolande has replaced billboard ads in the Coachella Valley with photos of the mountainous landscapes they blocked.

As part of Desert X, an outdoor exhibition of art installations, Bolande has installed a series of billboards that are placed at perfect angles to seamlessly blend with their surroundings. From Feb. 25 through April 30, 2017, the Coachella Valley’s desert landscape will showcase these billboards with the images of the surrounding landscapes.


The main purpose of this project is not just to show the artist’s creativity, but also to convey a very powerful social message to reconnect with the environment. In the tech-savvy world, we’re developing with a jet-speed but at the same time losing our connection with nature. Through this unique initiative, the artist wants to shift people’s attention from the commercial world and bring it back to the real natural world.




Via: IndiaTimes

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