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Air pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world – it not only cause drastic effects on the environment but also hazardous to human health. Although most companies are coming up with anti-pollution masks and other solutions to combat the problem, but Bengaluru-based startup Graviky Labs wants to tackle the issue by converting air pollution into ink for artists. The soot-based ink is similar to any other ink or paint available in the market, however, it lessens the use of chemicals.

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The company headed by Anirudh Sharma, Nikhil Kaushik, and Nitesh Kadyan has developed a device called Kaalink, world’s first device to capture carbon directly from its source. It is a cylindrical device that’s meant to be retrofitted to a vehicle’s exhaust pipe. According to the firm, it can capture approximately 93-percent of the pollutants emitted without affecting the performance of the engine. The unit can automatically turn on when the engine is started. The gases flowing through the exhaust are captured within the device, instead of spreading into the environment. This way the device will prevent carbon emission into the atmosphere and our lungs.

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All the carbon soot that has been collected within the device goes through a purification process. During the processing, heavy metals and carcinogens are removed from the soot, leaving just the purified carbon-based pigment. The collected carbon soot is processed to remove heavy metals and carcinogens, leaving a purified carbon-based pigment that’s similar to the pigment used in regular inks. The pigment is further processed and mixed with an oily material that forms perfect inks and paints.

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The team has tested Kaalink on cars, trucks, and motorcycles, and also developed a range of Air Ink products that include pens, oil-based paints, spray paints, markers, and ink. Each product contains the pigment made from carbon soot. According to the team, 30 ml of ink is equivalent to 45 minutes of vehicular emissions. Air Ink available as 2mm, 15mm, and 50mm markers, as well as, a 150ml screen printing ink set can be pre-ordered from Kickstarter, an online crowdfunding platform.

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Air Ink’s major purpose is to reduce the amount of particulate matter in the air, while letting artisans create a beautiful world around them. Isn’t it a wonderful way to encourage art while reducing harmful air pollution? Well, this product can’t be claimed to a saviour for the planet, but it can surely help in reducing the amount of particular matter in the air to some extent.

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