Realistic animal sculptures made from densely rolled newspapers Art / Handicraft / Offbeat

Instead of throwing away old newspapers as garbage, Tokyo-based artist Chie Hitotsuyama turns these pieces of paper into three-dimensional animal sculptures. The textured sculptures are made out of a technique that involves rolling strips of wet newspaper. The densely rolled newspaper strips are carefully moulded to replicate creatures from the animal kingdom.

Intricate scenes of wildlife beautifully hand-carved on wooden vessels Art / Handicraft

One can imagine the level of precision that has gone into the creation of these meticulous wooden vessels by New Zealand-based artist Gordon Pembridge. Born in Kenya and now living in New Zealand, Pembridge has been lucky to develop a lifelong connection with nature. His strong bond with nature can be seen in his artwork as well. All the attractive portrays designed by him are...

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Metal Bonsai: Handmade miniature tree sculptures made out of wire Art / Handicraft

With a deep fascination for bonsai trees, UK-based artist Matthew Gollop has created an amazing series of miniature tree sculptures using metal wire. Dubbed Metal Bonsai, the handmade bonsai models are designed in various forms and colours. From the tip of the roots to the end of the leaves and branches, each structure is incredibly detailed and shrunk down to tiny art pieces that can...

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Self-taught sculptor grows succulents using clay and porcelain Art / Design / Handicraft

Love succulents but don’t have the patience to wait for them to grow? If so, you need to get your hands on these beautiful ceramic and porcelain succulents that will never die. Taking botanical art to another level, New York-based self-taught artist Owen Mann creates handmade ceramic flowers and succulents for busy homeowners. These stunning ceramic blooms are made from dozens or hundreds of petals....

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Dayakattam Handicraft

In this tech-savvy world, digital games seem to have completely displaced the ancient Indian board game. Before the video games and play stations, kids used to play board games like Snake and Ladder, Ludo, Chauka Bara, etc. These traditional games were not played just to kill the time, but also to improve memory, counting skills, as well as, sharpen one’s strategic skills. Now, a Chennai-based...

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Hoop art: Wondrous 3D embroidery creations made with polymer clay Art / Handicraft

The creative embroidery artists have no limits, they can make various colourful designs on any fabric, presenting stupendous hoop art to the world. But Polish artist Justyna Wolodkiewicz takes this art form to the whole new level that one couldn’t even imagine. The self-taught embroidery artist and clay illustrator makes one-of-a-kind 3D embroidery creations using polymer clay.

Bengaluru man upcycles trash, old posters into ancient art pieces Art / Handicraft

To preserve ancient crafts and traditions, Raahul Khadaliya, Bengaluru-based artist started a design company called Studio ABCD in 2011. He and his team of four upcycle old posters as well as other waste materials to create ancient art pieces. Most artworks are designed using age-old block printing technique. From decorative objects to practical office accessories, the firm creates almost everything that you need on daily...

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70-year-old man trying to keep ancient art of bone carving alive Art / Handicraft

Bone carving is a pre-historic art form of sculpting animal bones, particularly antlers and horns, into ornamental decor pieces, statues, musical instruments and other useful objects. However, with the changing times and things easily available online, urban people have forgotten this age-old art form. But Abrar Ahmad, a 70-year-old man from Uttar Pradesh, is still trying to keep the ancient art of bone carving alive.

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