This designer creates colourful hotels for bees, butterflies, and other insects Design / Offbeat

A bee hotel is a place that you create for native bees to breed and flourish. Czech designer Boleslav Daska (of DILNA HAMMER) makes colourful hotels for bees, butterflies, and other insect pollinators. All these species play an important role when it comes to plant pollination, as well as, producing useful substances such as honey, silk, lacquer, and wax. But sadly most of these insect...

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Food Art: Malaysian artist creates striking portraits on smoothie bowls Art / Offbeat / Painting

We were always taught not to play with our food, but after looking at the incredible food art by Malaysian food artist Hazel Zakariya you won’t mind experimenting with it a little. The imaginative food artist pops colours and creates striking portraits on her smoothie bowls. All of these smoothie bowls portray unconventional visuals that are likely to grab the attention of the viewers.

Oregon artist turns metal objects into an array of metal sculptures Art / Offbeat

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Proving this phase right, Oregon-based artist Del Loose turns scrap metal objects into stunning sculptures. Using old tools, farm equipment, as well as, kitchen utensils, he has sculpted an array of metal sculptures. So, far he has created metal art pieces in shape of birds and fishes and even built two custom cars.

Self-taught artist turns scrap metal into blooming plant sculptures Art / Design / Offbeat

Gloucestershire-based self-taught artist Dan Rawlings gives a second life to rusty scrap metal by turning it into delicate plant and tree sculptures. Using a medium that contrasts to the natural environment, he creates delicate yet strong sculptures that whimsically merges with nature. These captivating artworks force passersby to stop and look at the twisting and curling tree branches or plant leaves, which people often neglect...

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Drink Art! Korean Barista serves coffee with artistic aesthetic Art / Offbeat

Have you ever tasted art? Well, one of the Korean coffee shops called “C.Through” literally lets you taste the ‘art’ with each cup of coffee. Usually, latte art in most coffee shops is simple in the way lines and shapes are created. But this coffee art, which is termed ‘Cremart’ by the Korean Barista, looks extremely photo-realistic as if printed straight from a photograph.

Japanese artist recycles old Amazon boxes into detailed 3D sculptures Art / Design / Offbeat

While most people throw away cardboard packaging boxes after receiving their products, Japanese artist Monomi Ohno recycles old Amazon boxes into incredibly detailed 3D sculptures. Instead of conventional materials like clay, wood, etc., she uses unusual medium – cardboard to create jaw-dropping figures including footwear, spaceships, vehicles, monsters, musical instruments, animal figures and more.

At Human Library Hyderabad, you can read humans instead of books Offbeat

To make reading easier for everyone, e-books and audio books have already been established. But have you ever imagined books to interact with you? Well, there’s one-of-a-kind Human Library in Hyderabad where books are replaced with humans for conversation. Instead of books, here you can actually borrow people who will be the ‘living books,’ telling stories and sharing their life experiences.

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