Buddhist Artist’s surreal psychedelic art is a part of his imagination Art / Painting

For those who are not aware, the psychedelic art has been there since the time mankind became aware of the art of painting. But it became popular since late 60’s – the times when the hippy movement was all the go. This art form is inspired by psychedelic experiences and hallucinations. There are many visionary artists around the globe who are still creating this amazing...

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Winnie the Pooh Art / Painting

Vincent van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting has been an inspiration for many artists and designers. This time New York-based artist Aja Kusick has recreated this beautiful painting, but with a pop culture twist. As part of her Starry Night Pop Culture series, Kusick inserted some famous pop culture icons into van Gogh’s renowned ‘The Starry Night (1889),’ which now can be seen in a...

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Phenomenal Aghori-inspired artworks by ThinnkDesign Studio Art / Painting / Sketching

Aghori is an ascetic who dedicates his entire life to worship Lord Shiva, following rigorous rituals as part of their religious routine. These ascetics can be seen in different parts of India, and are known to perform their rituals on cremation grounds. Their uncommon religious routine often arouses curiosity among the public, including various artists.

Aravani Art Project gives voice to transgender community through street art Art / Offbeat / Painting

Bengaluru-based artist Poornima Sukumar has initiated one-of-a-kind Aravani Art Project, which aims to give voice to the transgender community through street art. Nothing but art is a wonderful medium that not only helps people to express their thoughts freely, but also is a way to break all the barriers and bring different communities together.

Dhaval Khatri has no hands, but can paint better than you! Artists / Painting

From helping us do everyday tasks to creating artistic wonders, hands play an important part in our lives. Can you imagine spending a day without hands and do daily household chores? Well, most of us can’t even imagine that. But Dhaval Khatri, a talented artist without hands who has painted over 300 incredible portraits and aiming to make more masterpieces in future.

Italian artist’s mystical glow-in-the-dark paintings come to life at night Artists / Painting

Painting is a visual art form that’s usually meant to be enjoyed during day time. But Italian artist Cristoforo Scorpinti creates mystical glow-in-the-dark paintings that look appealing in both day and night. Featuring interesting scenes of nature and wildlife, these abstract paintings are undoubtedly mesmerizing, but their beauty enhances magically when lights go out.

Once a beggar, this differently-abled woman now sells beautiful paintings Artists / Inspirational / Painting

It’s heart-wrenching to see people begging in front of you, asking for food or money. Sadly, begging is one of the serious social issues in our country. Many poor handicap people opt to beg because of their inability to work and earn their livelihood. Even 27-year-old Anjana Malli from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand used to live the same life – as she was born with no hands,...

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Abhishek Kumar painted over 250 remarkable portraits of Lady Gaga Artists / Interview / Painting

Flamboyant international pop star Lady Gaga is often in the news for her musical records or public and critical scrutiny for her eccentric and bizarre style choices. But her fans have an undying love for her and some of them even express their fandom in form of creative artworks. One such die-hard fan of Gaga is a Delhi-based artist, Abhishek Kumar, who has painted over...

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