Dramatic dioramas of famous logos made by Vatsal Kataria Art / Design / DIY / Photography

Vatsal Kataria, an Indian conceptual photographer, is not just known for capturing unique photographs, but also for creating out-of-the-world DIY projects. Earlier we have seen his exclusive collections – “miniature versions of places from his dreams” and “photo series showing the same scene in two different perspectives.” Now he has come up with another exclusive project that will surely leave you spellbound.

Photographer recreates Gustav Klimt’s iconic paintings with real models Art / Painting / Photography

What if your favourite painting on the wall could come alive? Well, we’re not sure about all the paintings, but Gustav Klimt’s iconic paintings, which were created during his “Golden Phase” from 1899 through 1910, are brought into real life by photographer Inge Prader. The talented photographer has managed to recreate selected iconic works with the help of real models.

Photographer captures beauty of 19 animals rescued from black market Photography

Over the years, humans have widely expanded into wild animal habitats for urbanisation. To save animals from ruthless human greed, Animal Tracks wildlife sanctuary in California has teamed up with Los Angeles-based photographer Natasha Wilson to throw a light on the ethereal beauty of 19 animals that they have saved from entering the black market trade.

Vatsal Kataria photographs the same scene in two different perspectives DIY / Photography

Last month, we featured dreamy photographs by Indian still life photographer Vatsal Kataria, showing some of the unique places from his dreams. Now, the brilliant photographer is back with another innovative photograph series of two universes/times/views. Basically, his new DIY a project is all about recreating miniature scenes and showing the same scenes in two different perspectives.

Animal Camouflage: Can you spot hidden animals in these photographs? Photography

Animals are the true masters of disguise, when they are hunting or avoiding being eaten by predators. The cunning animals very well know how to adapt to their surroundings and go absolutely undetected. No one can really beat animals when it comes to disguising in nature, as they have the biological advantage of camouflage. Here are few photographs of animal camouflage, making it hard to...

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