Tarun Jain: Delhi filmmaker talks about his latest short film ‘Amma Meri’ Interview / Videos / Your story

Independent filmmakers do have to struggle a lot to raise funds and find an audience. But the interest of youth towards social media has boosted the Indie film market. All thanks to platforms like YouTube, short filmmakers are getting opportunities to showcase their vision and reach out to a wider audience base. Recently, EdgyMinds caught up with a Delhi-based independent filmmaker, Tarun Jain, who talked...

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Shimla Highlanders on YouTube to get you chuckling!!! Videos

YouTube is a good place to find information, as well as, funny content to lighten your mood after a hectic work schedule. You may already have subscribed to some of the channels to never miss their video. Recently, Shimla Highlanders, a group of Shimla-based young YouTubers, started their video-sharing channel to deliver you comic content filled with local slangs. All they want is to keep...

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#OneStepCloser – Being thankful to the people who do thankless jobs [Watch] Videos

There are so many people – from delivery men and postmen to bus drivers and rickshaw drivers – who burn themselves day and night to keep us operating. But often their work is taken for granted and sometimes they are even ill-treated by so called educated and dignified people around us. But have you ever thought of appreciating the work of people who do thankless...

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Pinky Beauty Parlour: This film challenges India’s obsession with fair skin Featured / Videos

We often talk about development, women empowerment, and equality, but still, keeping hear a lot about racism and skin colour bias. Sadly, in major parts of India (even in the so-called advanced cities) people are obsessed with light skin and tend to shun the ones with dark skin, especially with regards to women. Directed by Akshay Singh, Pinky Beauty Parlour is a film that brings...

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‘Nalayak The Band’ making waves with its amazing track BAWRA Artists / Featured / Videos

Nowadays, we hear a lot of songs about emotional downpours, betrayal, and so many other cliche themes. But then comes that one song that makes you say, “So true!” BAWRA by Nalayak The Band is the song with truly relatable lyrics for all that life may bring you. The Chandigarh-based Indie rock band is making waves with this amazing track that’s grabbing audiences by the...

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Watch how this street artist turns dull walls into 3D mural masterpieces Featured / Videos

Swans and seagulls are not easily found in many cities, but Italian graffiti artist Eron has brought a flock of swans to the walls of San Clemente, Italy. This talented artist beautifully transforms boring city walls into 3D mural masterpieces, portraying a sequence of birds in dynamic in-flight poses. These ethereal bird murals appear so realistic, you’ll definitely have to look twice.

Ispat marks the start of 2017 with enchanting music video ‘Bulbule’ Featured / Music / Videos

What a wonderful way to start a new year! Shimla-based music band Ispat welcomes the New Year with their first original composition, ‘Bulbule.’ The music video was released yesterday, and within 24 hours of upload on YouTube, it has racked up more than 55,500 views. It has been shot in some of the exotic and less explored regions of Himachal Pradesh. In the video you...

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