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Mamta Singh – Passionate Wall Artist Beautifies Dull Streets With Her Art Art / Artists / Painting / Your story

Now are not the days, when you have to battle between your education and passion. While education still remains important, youth today is willing to work hard to pursue their passion as a career. Why not? No one wants to spend the rest of their lives sitting in a 4 x 4 cubicle. Isn’t it? Today, we are going to share with you an interesting...

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Tarun Jain: Delhi filmmaker talks about his latest short film ‘Amma Meri’ Interview / Videos / Your story

Independent filmmakers do have to struggle a lot to raise funds and find an audience. But the interest of youth towards social media has boosted the Indie film market. All thanks to platforms like YouTube, short filmmakers are getting opportunities to showcase their vision and reach out to a wider audience base. Recently, EdgyMinds caught up with a Delhi-based independent filmmaker, Tarun Jain, who talked...

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Epic journey from India to London in a solar-powered auto rickshaw Featured / Your story

Auto rickshaw, also known as tuk-tuk in some parts of the world, is a very common mode of commuting in India. However, how far have you travelled in an auto rickshaw – maximum 50 km to 100 km? But an Indian engineer, Naveen Rabelli, has crossed all the boundaries and drove a solar-powered auto rickshaw over 14,000 kilometres from India to London. He started this...

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