Dhaval Khatri has no hands, but can paint better than you! Artists / Painting

From helping us do everyday tasks to creating artistic wonders, hands play an important part in our lives. Can you imagine spending a day without hands and do daily household chores? Well, most of us can’t even imagine that. But Dhaval Khatri, a talented artist without hands who has painted over 300 incredible portraits and aiming to make more masterpieces in future.

His Journey

He lost his hands at the age of 14 during Uttarayan, a kite festival celebrated in India. While flying a kite he accidentally held an electric wire in his hands, instead of the kite flying thread. Due to the huge electric shock, he fainted and fell down from the rooftop of his house. Later he was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors said that both of his hands had to be amputated because of the massive trauma.

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After losing his hands, he knew that life would be difficult as his school authority also asked him to leave saying that without hands obtaining the education is just a dream. But Khatri didn’t lose hope and decided to make the best out of what he has. Slowly, he trained himself to do everything without hands.

A Powerhouse of Talent

He didn’t just learn how to write, but even completed his graduation, writing his exam papers all by himself. Furthermore, his interest in drawing and painting led him to learn this beautiful art form to express his thoughts and creativity. So far, he has painted over 300 paintings of landscapes, famous celebrities, and even some hyper-realistic portraits. He takes maximum 2-3 hours to paint or sketch.

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He even appeared on the show ‘Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega,’ aired by Sony Entertainment Television. Through this television platform, he met his favourite Hindi film actor Salman Khan and gifted a beautiful portrait to the actor. You’ll be surprised to know that the talent of this incredible artist goes way beyond his painting and drawing abilities. Besides making beautiful portraits, he plays football, cricket, and even learned to play guitar.

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From losing hands at he age of 14 to making detailed paintings, Khatri’s life journey is truly inspirational. He now participates in live painting events, indulges himself in all types of paints and sketching art, as well as, delivers motivational speeches. Isn’t that amazing?

In a world where we easily lose hope and feel discouraged due to small circumstances, his man has shown the world that “Nothing is impossible.”  Nothing can stop you if you’re determined enough to achieve your dreams and follow your passion with all your heart and soul.

You can check out more of Khatri’s work on his official website or Facebook Page. On his website’s home page, he has mentioned a very inspirational quote saying, “Mat kar yakeen apne haatho ki lakeero par….. Naseeb unke bhi hote hai jinke haath nahi hote.!!!” (Meaning: “Do not believe in the lines of your hands…Fortune even bestows upon those without hands.!!!”).

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