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Art is a way to look differently at the world. Probably that’s why creative souls see art everywhere from a small piece of paper to fallen tree leaves. Latter is a favourite art material of Omid Asadi, 38-year-old former engineer and boxing champion from Iran, who’s now a UK-based artist. He works across various media, however, his intricate leaf art got him the much-needed recognition.

A leaf is a very delicate material that requires a great precision to cut them into specific designs or patterns. He believes that nature has a deep connection with him since his childhood. At a young age, he used a needle to create shapes of leaves or fallen rose petals on various surfaces. But that time he didn’t take this practice seriously. In 2012, while walking across a street, he suddenly looked at the fallen leaves and thought that nobody paid any attention to them and just trod on them.

Leaf art by Omid Asadi

With an aim to give a second life to fallen leaves, he decided to use them as a medium to create stunning art. This led him to be a successful artist, who’s well-known for his leaf cutting artwork. Using cutting and carving techniques, he transforms an ordinary leaf into a delicate piece of art. However, the entire process is very time-consuming. Asadi considers his art to be a way to bring people’s attention to the ordinary things in life.

Leaf art by Omid Asadi

His artworks have been already exhibited in London; (Coffee art project and my work was the symbol of the magazine for coffee art Project 2013), Charlton Art Festival(2013); Arison Art Gallery and in Milan(2013), and various other platforms.

Check out some of the eye-catching works of art by Asadi. You can also see more of his work on his official website or Instagram.

Leaf art by Omid Asadi Leaf art by Omid Asadi Leaf art by Omid Asadi Leaf art by Omid Asadi

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