Light Painting: Duo captures dreamy photographs as lighting strikes Art / Photography

Light painting is a creative photographic technique in which hand-held light source or other illuminating objects are used to capture fantasy portraits. Taking the art of light painting to another level, Montreal-based photography duo Eric Paré and Kim Henry has recently captured dreamy photos as thunder lighting strikes.

Freezing the outstanding moment in time, Paré knows well how to make brilliant use of light, space, and time. While most of his lighting photographs are accomplished using artificial luminescence, he and his model (Henry) were left in shock when in some of their recent photographs natural thunder lighting posed along with Henry.

Their latest photo shoot was set in New Mexico’s beautiful White Sands Monument. In the featured light painting photo, Henry is overlooking the horizon while grasping a glowing tube of light. But the most astonishing part of the electrifying image is the lighting bolt shining in amid dark storm clouds.

Here’s another amazing photograph featuring lighting strike and Henry.


The duo often travels around the world capturing fantasy lighting painting portraits. Paré usually prefers to be part of the process and clicks each photograph with a remote trigger. This convenient tool lets him multitask at the time of photo shoot.

Check out the images given below to see more amazing work by them. Also, visit the official website and social media handles – Facebook and Instagram.

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