London-based artist uses photographic memory to sketch entire cities Sketching

While most people can’t remember schedule of their entire day, Carl Lavia, London-based artist, uses his photographic memory to sketch insanely detailed cityscapes. He has been interested in sketching imaginary cities since childhood and draws fictitious but highly realistic metropolises that could actually exist.

Carl Lavia Sketch Artist

He is so dedicated to his work that he loves to spend hours, days, weeks and sometimes months to sketch his visualizations on paper in fine detail. Besides making use of his imagination, he also recreates real world cities with his drawing kit. Recently he completed Birmingham, West Midlands cityscape, which took him three weeks to complete.

Now he is planning to sketch every official city in the United Kingdom. For the next project, he will begin with the drawing of Manchester and then move on to Edinburgh. To draw even the most minute details of the city he has to live there and carefully observe various areas.

He usually takes public transport to visit different areas and standpoints to capture various landmarks, streetlights, park benches, subway entrances, shopfronts, and even natural landscape in his memory. Moreover, for reference, he also clicks pictures with his camera to never miss even a pint-sized detail from the real-world cities.

Sketching is a wonderful art of pencil to recreate imaginary as well as realistic objects, people or scenes on a piece of paper. But artists like Lavia are taking this art form to another level that ordinary minds can’t even imagine. Check out his work in the image below.

Carl Lavia Sketch Artist

Carl Lavia Sketch Artist

Via: Metro

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