Meet the travelling couple who earns up to $9000 per Instagram post Photography

With increasing influence of social media in our life, snapping photos while doing care-free things and posting it on Instagram has become a social norm. But what if you could get paid for sharing your holiday pictures on social media? Well, we’re not sure about you but the Instagram-famous couple, Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen, is making thousands of dollars per photograph at a magnificent destination.

Fortunate enough to turn their love for travelling into their source of income, both Morris and Bullen are living an awe-inspiring life that most people only dream about. If you’re wondering how they get paid for each upload on Instagram, the couple has revealed the secret on the Morris’ blog, DoYouTravel.

The couple makes enough money from the brands and tourism companies that ask them to promote their product or sites on Instagram. Some tourism boards even sponsor their regular adventures across the globe. So, they easily manage their living and love for travelling the world.


Morris was a carpenter but left his native Manchester in 2012 for his passion for photography and travelling. Bullen, another travel junkie and self-taught photographer from Australia, runs a blog GypseaLust. She left her job and met boyfriend Morris on a trip to Fiji in 2016.

Now both of them travel together and earn a good amount of money. Their stunning Instagram photos have attracted millions of followers to their pages. Find out more about their travel adventures on their official blogs DoYouTravel and GypseaLust. Also, follow them on Instagram – Jack Morris | Lauren Bullen.

For now, check out the breathtaking photographs from their social pages that are likely to make you hate your current job.

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