Metal Bonsai: Handmade miniature tree sculptures made out of wire Art / Handicraft

With a deep fascination for bonsai trees, UK-based artist Matthew Gollop has created an amazing series of miniature tree sculptures using metal wire. Dubbed Metal Bonsai, the handmade bonsai models are designed in various forms and colours. From the tip of the roots to the end of the leaves and branches, each structure is incredibly detailed and shrunk down to tiny art pieces that can be held in your fingertips.

These metal tree sculptures are created from hundreds of metal wire strands that are bent, folded and twisted to form realistic roots, branches, and foliage cluster. The wires are carefully moulded in the shape of miniature bonsai trees without using any adhesive.

Metal bonsai-7

After making the metal bonsai plant, the wire artist has further placed the artificial plants in pots filled with soil to give them an amazingly real look. The wired faux flora is available in a wide range of designs with monochrome finishes, as well as, bright colour options. So, you can pick any one as per your preferences to suit your home/office interior.

You can even select a bonsai tree based on species to make them a part of your real bonsai tree collection. In case, you’re interested in making these wired bonsai trees yourself, you can even follow the infographic shared by Gollop on his website. Otherwise, you can purchase the metal bonsai trees – with price ranging from $55 to $355.

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Metal bonsai-1

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He has also created some decorative bonsai trees with shiny glass beads

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