#OneStepCloser – Being thankful to the people who do thankless jobs [Watch] Videos

There are so many people – from delivery men and postmen to bus drivers and rickshaw drivers – who burn themselves day and night to keep us operating. But often their work is taken for granted and sometimes they are even ill-treated by so called educated and dignified people around us. But have you ever thought of appreciating the work of people who do thankless jobs?

This video forces us to stop and put a little effort to appreciate the folks who work hard to make our lives easier. In the video, the protagonist Ghanshyam, a cylinder delivery man, felt amazed when #onestepcloser’s team acknowledged his work. He even said, “It’s ok if people don’t ask me how I am doing. But I feel happy even if they offer me a glass of water.”

Started by Standard Chartered Bank for the 2017 Mumbai Marathon, #OneStepCloser is a campaign that’s all about beginning something. It encourages people to take one step towards breaking a habit and start acknowledging someone who is often neglected for their work.

So, let’s express a little gratitude and try to brighten up someone’s day today.

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