Rotaract Club is giving artistic makeover to schools in Chandigarh Art

The government schools in India are known for the poor quality of education, no basic facilities and dull classrooms where students are often bored. But Chandigarh-based organization Rotaract Club wants to change the entire picture of these lifeless government schools by giving them fun makeovers. The Happy School project taken up by Rotary India Literacy Mission aims to adopt schools that lack basic schooling facilities...

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Thought-provoking wildlife paintings remind us of endangered nature Art / Painting

Watch animals weeping colour in Jonna Lamminaho’s thought-provoking wildlife paintings, which remind us of endangered nature. The 21-year-old artist from Finland creatively uses her artworks to portray agony of wild animals. In some paintings, you can even see animals weeping, but at the same time, the vibrant colours make each portrait striking enough to grab human attention so that we can relate to the plight...

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Bottle Art: Husband-wife duo recycles old bottles into decor pieces Art

What do you do with empty liquor bottles after the party is over? Probably, you toss them in a garbage bin like everyone else. But the Mumbai-based husband-wife duo, Rishabh Kush and Manisha Maurya, recycles old bottles into artistic home decor pieces. Taking creative bottle art to another level, the duo has started MariCreations, online home decor shop, which sells ornamental wall hangings, lamps, flower...

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Aadhan – Delhi startup turns old shipping containers into eco-buildings Design

Shipping container buildings are not new to the world, but it’s nice to know that Delhi-based startup Aadhan has been making such eco-buildings in India since 2015. Taking eco-friendly approach, the social enterprise, founded by Nikhil Dugal and Akshat Goel, focuses on transforming old shipping containers into sustainable infrastructure.

Mumbai’s digital artist turns famous movie posters into vibrant wall art Art / Artists / Painting

Poster designers undoubtedly have to put in a lot of effort to make a perfect movie poster, which summarizes the entire film in one image. Raj Khatri, Mumbai-based art director and digital artist, has been designing posters for Indian movies for more than a decade now. But besides that, he also works on his personal project to recreate popular movie posters (both Hollywood and Bollywood)...

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Kanabis – India’s vegan footwear brand hopes to replace the leather Design / Offbeat

In 2015, Devika Srimal Bapna, a former CA (chartered accountant) from Delhi, launched Kanabis – a fashionable, PETA-approved footwear brand for women. The aim of the footwear label is to replace leather for high-quality canvas. To fight cruelty against animals, the shoes offered by the company are made from superior quality canvas, fabric, jute and other alternatives for leather.

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