Madhubani wall murals in Jharkhand depict everyday struggle of villagers Art / Painting

Some of you may be aware of the renowned Madhubani painting that originated in the Maithili village of Bihar, India ages ago. Madhubani paintings are bought by many to spruce up their home interior with traditional art. But the inhabitants of Chandidih village in Jharkhand are making use of this age-old art to portray their everyday life struggle on the walls of their houses. Courtesy...

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‘Nalayak The Band’ making waves with its amazing track BAWRA Artists / Featured / Videos

Nowadays, we hear a lot of songs about emotional downpours, betrayal, and so many other cliche themes. But then comes that one song that makes you say, “So true!” BAWRA by Nalayak The Band is the song with truly relatable lyrics for all that life may bring you. The Chandigarh-based Indie rock band is making waves with this amazing track that’s grabbing audiences by the...

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This rape survivor credits a wolf pack for saving her life Featured / Offbeat

You may have heard or even seen some incidents, where animals have gone to great lengths to save a human life. Owing to such incident, here’s a heart-touching story of Sarah Varley, a 28-year-old rape survivor, who was on the verge of death. But life had something wonderful in store for her in form of a wolf pack that literally brought her back to life....

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10 amazing dog tattoos to inspire you to ink your skin Tattoos

Getting a dog is a lifetime commitment, as it’s not just a pet – a dog is your real best friend. Your adorable pooch showers you with unconditional love without caring about your care choices, wealth or flaws. So, it’s not surprising that some people like to get a lifetime mark on their skin to always remind them of the precious memories they’ve spent with...

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Surreal photo manipulations by Indian artist Anil Saxena Photography

Photoshop is an amazing digital imaging software to edit and add various effects on photographers. But there are a few creative geniuses like Mumbai-based illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer Anil Saxena that creates surreal photo manipulations using this software. In Saxena’s images, you’ll be amazed to see juxtaposition of the ordinary with surprising twists.

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