Sharlho: Dharamsala-based eco-fashion label taking care of the planet Handicraft

With stylish clothing brands easily available online, people nowadays have easier access to fast fashion. However, there are a lot of unethical practices (from using hazardous chemicals to killing animals for leather) behind these high-fashion brands. But betting against fast fashion, Dharamsala-based eco-friendly clothing line Sharlho promotes traditional Himalayan craftsmanship on modern apparel, while taking care of the environment.

Set up by Tenor Sharlho (fashion designer, entrepreneur, and crafts connoisseur), the eco-fashion label boasts ethnic Indo-Tibetan patterns designed by various local artisans. These traditional handcrafted designs are elegantly stitched onto contemporary clothes, which are likely to grab the attention of the youth. You will simply love the fusion of ancient handcrafted pieces and modern apparel/accessories.


Located at Ramnagar, a village close to Dharamsala, the workshop of the fashion label employees various full-times as well as freelancers. Some of the craftsmen have moved in here from big cities to live in the peaceful environment and now using their creative skills to make a sustainable clothing line that promotes zero wastage. In fact, the workers use leftover materials to create small accessories and stuffing for cushions.


The Sharlho boutique is located in Mcleodganj, as it’s a popular tourist destination. Tourists do love their unique products and clothes. Sadly, the fashion label still doesn’t have a wider customer base. Although Tenor has started this environmentally-friendly label for the development of a small community, but sustainable practices and slow fashion is something that we all need to follow.

Therefore, it becomes really essential to promote such fair trade and ethical clothing labels. If you’re ever in Mcleodganj, don’t forget to visit Sharlho boutique and purchase completely eco-friendly clothing or accessories for yourself or to gift someone.

For those who are interested in buying Himalayan-inspired apparel and accessories, may check out Sharlho’s official website. You’ll surely feel great after buying products of a label that actually thinks of protecting earth for future generations.

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