Stunning lunar night lights bring the moon right into your room Artists / Design

Nothing beats the spectacular view of the full moon surrounded by twinkling stars on a clear night. But what about the bad weather or cloudy days? Why not bring the moon right into your room and enjoy full moon every night? No kidding! Italian artist and astrophysicist Maria Elena has created handmade lunar night lights that resemble the moon.

These lamps are made from upcycled garden globes that are further hand-painted to look like the moon. All thanks to the scientific images from NASA, Elena hand-paints each night light with realistic depressions, shadows, and craters.


It looks like a real moon

No two lamps are the same and for that Elena uses a variety of paints and layering techniques. Every moon consists of six layers, giving a different effect to every unit. The end result is the stunning galactic night light to give a magical touch to any room where it’s placed.

Not only the moon, but the talented artist also designs other plants of the solar system. So far, she has created illuminating planets like Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, etc. You can grab any of these lunar night lights on the artist’s Etsy shop Pulsar Moonlight. The price of these lamps range from US $72.12 to US $110.95


Every depression, shadow and crater are carefully painted to give it a realistic touch


Made from recycled garden globes


Each moon lamp consists of six layers


It can be placed both indoors or outdoors


Besides the moon, the artist has also created other planets


Saturn night light


Jupiter night light


Mars night light

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