Sunita Pandit’s incredible portraits with fantastic level of detailing Artists / Painting / Sketching

Pencils and ballpoint pens are not mere writing instruments, if put in right hands these can also produce incredible works of art. Sunita Pandit, an artist from Siliguri, West Bengal, uses these mediums to create incredibly detailed portraits of celebrities, everyday objects and people that are close to her. Some of her artworks seem so realistic that you need to take a second look to figure out that these are actually illustrations.

Currently based in New Delhi, Pandit shows off her talent on Facebook page: Art-o-fobiA. From celebrity portraits to hyper-realistic sketches and water colour painting, her amazingly detailed works of art speak for themselves.

Check out some of her beautiful drawings and paintings in the images below. We’re sure these illustrations will inspire you to take out your drawing kit as well to create your own world on an empty canvas.

Paying homage to Leonardo da Vinci

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-9

Megan Fox portrait

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-10

Ironman sketch made using ballpoint pens

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-11


Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-12

Rs 100 and Rs 500 notes banned now!

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-12

A tribute to James Cameron’s Avatar

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-2

Unbelievably hyper-realistic illustration of a bleeding finger

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-3

Painting of the moon

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-1

Jack Sparrow

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-4

Portrait of a lady

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-5

Dripping lips

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-7

Any Damon Salvatore fan?

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-8

Painting of a lady

Art-o-fobiA_Sunita Pandit-6

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