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Bengaluru startup converts air pollution into ink for artists Art / Offbeat

Air pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world – it not only cause drastic effects on the environment but also hazardous to human health. Although most companies are coming up with anti-pollution masks and other solutions to combat the problem, but Bengaluru-based startup Graviky Labs wants to tackle the issue by converting air pollution into ink for artists. The soot-based ink is...

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Bengaluru man upcycles trash, old posters into ancient art pieces Art / Handicraft

To preserve ancient crafts and traditions, Raahul Khadaliya, Bengaluru-based artist started a design company called Studio ABCD in 2011. He and his team of four upcycle old posters as well as other waste materials to create ancient art pieces. Most artworks are designed using age-old block printing technique. From decorative objects to practical office accessories, the firm creates almost everything that you need on daily...

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