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Italian artist creates ‘Sculpaintings’ using bones and recycled objects Art / Design / Offbeat

Bones are usually associated with death and the macabre. Maybe that’s why some people don’t prefer dead remains of a body near their houses, forget bringing them inside. But Pierpaolo Catini, an Italian artist based in New York City, sees bones as art objects to create unique Sculpaintings, which will make you forget about its connection with lifelessness and decay.

70-year-old man trying to keep ancient art of bone carving alive Art / Handicraft

Bone carving is a pre-historic art form of sculpting animal bones, particularly antlers and horns, into ornamental decor pieces, statues, musical instruments and other useful objects. However, with the changing times and things easily available online, urban people have forgotten this age-old art form. But Abrar Ahmad, a 70-year-old man from Uttar Pradesh, is still trying to keep the ancient art of bone carving alive.