Tag: Green Building

Aadhan – Delhi startup turns old shipping containers into eco-buildings Design

Shipping container buildings are not new to the world, but it’s nice to know that Delhi-based startup Aadhan has been making such eco-buildings in India since 2015. Taking eco-friendly approach, the social enterprise, founded by Nikhil Dugal and Akshat Goel, focuses on transforming old shipping containers into sustainable infrastructure.

China plans to build Vertical Forests for fighting air pollution Design

While India is still struggling to ensure cleanliness in each and every city, China has envisioned to build pollution-fighting Vertical Forests for their clean and green future. Expected to be built by 2018, the vertical forests consists of two towers called the Nanjing Green Towers. These green buildings will be covered with more than 1,100 trees and 2,500 cascading plants and shrubs, covering around 65,000-square-feet...

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