This artist turns moulted bird feathers into intricate artworks Art

You may have seen beautifully painted moulted bird feathers before, but Washington-based artist Chris Maynard has taken feather art to whole new level. The ingenious artist creatively carves shedded bird feathers and turn them into intricate works of art – portraying silhouettes of birds while flying, singing, and perching across the canvas.

With the background in biology and ecology, the artist has been playing with feathers since the age of 12. He creates these marvelous creations by using heirloom forceps, eye surgery scissors, and magnifying glasses. Plus, his dedication and precision add live to this art form.

Referred as Cut Feather Shadowboxes, these delicate art pieces come in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. All feathers used for making these artworks are legal to both use and sell. Chris collects most of these feathers from private aviaries and zoos that even source feathers of birds that are not native to North America.

You can see a small collection of feather cutting artworks by Chris Maynard in the images below. Also, visit his official website or Facebook page to see more of his work.

Chris Maynard Feather Art-9

Chris Maynard Feather Art

Chris Maynard Feather Art-5

Chris Maynard Feather Art-4

Chris Maynard Feather Art

Chris Maynard Feather Art-6

Chris Maynard Feather Art-8

Chris Maynard Feather Art-7

Chris Maynard Feather Art-11

Chris Maynard Feather Art-10

Chris Maynard Feather Art-12

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