Vilius Šileika turns scrap metal into detailed steampunk art Art / Design

Probably everything can be converted into art, provided you have a creative imagination. With the same thought in mind, artist Vilius Šileika creates detailed steampunk art out of discarded metal pieces – giving scrap metal a new purpose. Combining pieces of old and rusty metal, this skilled artist sculpts new work of art that can be rightly called ‘metal paintings.’

As mentioned before, all the artworks are created from expired and useless objects, such as dry leaf, rusty nails or old clock dials. From scrap metal horse and ship to intricate cycle, each art piece is highly detailed with the texture of the various metal elements that have been fused together to create them.

Metal collages made from scrap metal with amber, glass, gold and silver accents are further decorated with acrylic and water colour paints. When exquisite steampunk art is created from everyday objects the end result is undoubtedly stunning. That’s what makes these handmade steampunk art pieces some of the coolest and most attractive creations.

Check out some of these handmade steampunk artworks and we’re sure you’ll be amazed by the details the artist is able to achieve. Also, check out Šileika’s official Facebook page to find out more about his work.


steampunk art by Vilius Šileika


steampunk art by Vilius Šileika

Making of steampunk art

steampunk art by Vilius Šileika


steampunk art by Vilius Šileika


steampunk art by Vilius Šileika

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