Steampunk animal sculptures made from recycled metal parts Art / Design

A true artist can breathe life into any material – be it canvas, wood or metal. Igor Verniy from Russia is one such artist that creates lively steampunk animal sculptures using recycled metal parts. A lot of work goes into the creation of every detail. Moreover, the moving parts make each structure come alive.

Artist portrays Indian women as mermaids through intricate paper art Art / Design

Ahmedabad-based Indian artist Parth Kothekar portrays the uniqueness of Indian women as mermaids through his intricate paper cutouts. He creates detailed mermaid papercuts with the aim to display innocence, struggle, freedom, and depth of Indian women. Each paper cutout boasts mermaid figurine, featuring upper body of an Indian lady and lower body is shaped like the tail of a fish. 

Vanessa Davis’ skeleton makeup highlights mortality and fragility of life Art

London-based badass makeup artist Vanessa Davis, popularly known as The Skulltress, is highly drawn to skull symbolism – which primarily represents death and mortality. Her skull-inspired face art additionally features a live animal or plant next to the cranium. This way her makeup art highlights the fragility of life in a unique way. If we think over it deeply, it depicts how every living thing...

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Vilius Šileika turns scrap metal into detailed steampunk art Art / Design

Probably everything can be converted into art, provided you have a creative imagination. With the same thought in mind, artist Vilius Šileika creates detailed steampunk art out of discarded metal pieces – giving scrap metal a new purpose. Combining pieces of old and rusty metal, this skilled artist sculpts new work of art that can be rightly called ‘metal paintings.’

Shimla-based filmmaker’s short film makes it to Oscar qualifying festival Art

Siddharth Chauhan, the award-winning independent filmmaker from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, has made it to ‘Oscar Qualifying Film Festival’ for his latest regional short film: PASHI. It is the only film from India to have been selected for the screening at the prestigious Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIFF) 2017, which is to be held in August in the United States.

Artist carves Games of Thrones-inspired sculptures on pencil tips Art / Design

The much-awaited premiere of Game Of Thrones season 7 smashed HBO rating records soon after it was aired on HBO on Sunday, July 16th in the US. Taking the fandom of this popular drama series to another level, Russian artist and sculptor Salavat Fidai has carved 16 Game of Thrones-inspired sculptures on graphite pencil tips.

Leaf Art: Artist creates intriguing artwork on fallen leaves Art / Design / Handicraft

Artists have an incredible ability to turn almost anything into a beautiful work of art. Lorenzo Manuel Durán from Cáceres, Spain is one such artist who keeps art natural by carving intriguing designs on fallen leaves. He uses a scalpel to precisely cut designs into leaves of all shapes and sizes. The resulting leaf art is intricately beautiful and delicate at the same time.

Indian artist duo creates paper cut portraits of some iconic personalities Art / Design / Handicraft

Indian artist duo, Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama, creates an intricate series of handcrafted paper cut portraits of some iconic personalities from cinema, history, as well as, mythology. Hailing from Ahmedabad, the largest city in the state of Gujarat, India, both these talented artists have been experimenting with paper cut art since last one year. The end results are absolutely pleasant and bear a close...

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7-year-old girl sells her paintings to fund education for poor kids Art / Artists / Painting

This seven-year-old girl is a heartwarming example of parenting skills done right. While most of us keep cribbing about various social issues in our houses or offices, Sanjana Bhosale, a standard 2 student from OES International School, Vasai, Mumbai, is showing us how to be selfless and spread some love. India’s youngest philanthropist sells her beautiful paintings to help raise funds to educate underprivileged kids.

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