‘Waste Warriors’ in Dharamsala keeps major tourist spots garbage-free Inspirational

Surrounding majestic cedar forests on the edge of the Himalayas, Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh attracts many tourists from across the globe. The clean and garbage-free mountainous ranges are absolutely breathtaking and considered one of India’s cleanest tourist destinations. But you’ll be surprised that some of the major tourist spots here were heaped with garbage a few years ago, until the Waste Warriors (the NGO with...

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Once a beggar, this differently-abled woman now sells beautiful paintings Artists / Inspirational / Painting

It’s heart-wrenching to see people begging in front of you, asking for food or money. Sadly, begging is one of the serious social issues in our country. Many poor handicap people opt to beg because of their inability to work and earn their livelihood. Even 27-year-old Anjana Malli from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand used to live the same life – as she was born with no hands,...

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Peepal Farm recovers injured stray or abandoned animals in Dharamsala Inspirational

Located in Dhanotu village near Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, Peepal Farm is a recovery center that gives the second life to injured stray animals. The organic farm has been set up by Robin Singh along with Joellen Anderson for stray animals and those who want to do something for animal welfare and animal rights. Not only dogs, but the recovery center also takes care of other...

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Four Aussie bikers ride across India to highlight child right issues Inspirational

In our country, where most people are negligent towards certain issues in the society, four Australian bikers, Scott Grills, Ben Butcher, Cameron Perry and Taylor Hogan, have come together for a campaign called Ride for Rights – An Indian Odyssey. For the campaign, they will be taking up a 7,000 km journey across India on their Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycles to highlight child right issues.

Suresh Rana’s journey from orchardist to Raid de Himalaya legend Inspirational / Offbeat

Suresh Rana, from a small village Karjan in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, has won Raid de Himalaya Xtreme category for 10 out of 18 times, and aptly crowned as the Raid Legend. From a small town orchardist and motor workshop owner to India’s finest cross-country rally driver, Rana’s life journey is truly inspirational. Today, we give you the glimpse into his life that maintains a balance...

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19-year-old guy provides abandoned animals home at ‘A Place to Bark’ Inspirational

Animals are wonderful living beings that share the planet with us. Some of them are lucky to be adopted by humans as pets, whereas as most of them are ignored. But even pet animals are not spared racism – as people only want exotic breeds as pets to show off their status symbol. In order to change people’s perspective towards native dogs and other animals,...

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Voice of Trees: This man solely turned a barren island into a forest Inspirational

In a world full of materialistic consumers who are destroying Mother Nature for their selfish needs, this man from Assam will restore your faith in humanity. Born in Assam (1963), Padma Shri Jadav Payeng has solely created 1,360-acres of lush green dense forest from a barren Majuli island in Assam. Recently, Big Short Films shot a film titled “Voice of Trees,” featuring his journey.

A high school drop-out designs a low-cost paraglider for ₹60,000 Inspirational / Offbeat

Thought academic degrees are needed to succeed in life? No doubt, education is important. But here’s a remarkable journey of a high school drop-out who has successfully managed to create a low-cost paraglider without any academic specialization. K.A. Raja Gnanaprakasam, a 35-year-old contract worker, used to dream of flying in the sky since childhood. Unlike those who just daydream all day long, this talented man...

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