Realistic animal sculptures made from densely rolled newspapers Art / Handicraft / Offbeat

Instead of throwing away old newspapers as garbage, Tokyo-based artist Chie Hitotsuyama turns these pieces of paper into three-dimensional animal sculptures. The textured sculptures are made out of a technique that involves rolling strips of wet newspaper. The densely rolled newspaper strips are carefully moulded to replicate creatures from the animal kingdom.

Aravani Art Project gives voice to transgender community through street art Art / Offbeat / Painting

Bengaluru-based artist Poornima Sukumar has initiated one-of-a-kind Aravani Art Project, which aims to give voice to the transgender community through street art. Nothing but art is a wonderful medium that not only helps people to express their thoughts freely, but also is a way to break all the barriers and bring different communities together.

Indian couple is harvesting rainwater and solar energy via Ulta Chaata Offbeat

Mumbai-based couple, Samit Choksi and Priya Vakil Choksi, has found a green solution to harvest rainwater and generate solar energy using Ulta Chaata (inverted umbrella). The couple runs a clean-tech startup Thinkphi that’s funded by serial entrepreneur Nimmagadda Prasad, who has earlier invested in successful companies like Matrix Laboratories, Care Hospitals, and also Sachin Tendulkar’s IPL team Kerala Blasters.

Garbage ATM – This smart dustbin rewards people with money! Offbeat

What if you could earn some cash every time you dispose of waste? Four engineering students from Sandip Polytechnic in Nashik have created a smart dustbin called KRRYP Garbage ATM that rewards people with coupons or cash whenever they throw garbage into it. Keeping the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) Mission in mind, these students decided to make a smart garbage bin to encourage people to...

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Bengaluru startup converts air pollution into ink for artists Art / Offbeat

Air pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world – it not only cause drastic effects on the environment but also hazardous to human health. Although most companies are coming up with anti-pollution masks and other solutions to combat the problem, but Bengaluru-based startup Graviky Labs wants to tackle the issue by converting air pollution into ink for artists. The soot-based ink is...

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Suresh Rana’s journey from orchardist to Raid de Himalaya legend Inspirational / Offbeat

Suresh Rana, from a small village Karjan in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, has won Raid de Himalaya Xtreme category for 10 out of 18 times, and aptly crowned as the Raid Legend. From a small town orchardist and motor workshop owner to India’s finest cross-country rally driver, Rana’s life journey is truly inspirational. Today, we give you the glimpse into his life that maintains a balance...

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A high school drop-out designs a low-cost paraglider for ₹60,000 Inspirational / Offbeat

Thought academic degrees are needed to succeed in life? No doubt, education is important. But here’s a remarkable journey of a high school drop-out who has successfully managed to create a low-cost paraglider without any academic specialization. K.A. Raja Gnanaprakasam, a 35-year-old contract worker, used to dream of flying in the sky since childhood. Unlike those who just daydream all day long, this talented man...

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Hawai Adda – A scrap airplane turned into a restaurant in Ludhiana Offbeat

If you’re bored of eating out in regular restaurants, next time do visit Hawai Adda – India’s first ever airplane-themed restaurant. Situated in Ludhiana, the largest in Punjab, this swanky restaurant has been made out of a scrap Airbus 320 that used to fly for Air India. Created by four Ludhiana-based entrepreneurs, the plane-turned-restaurant lets the patrons experience what it’s like to eat inside passenger...

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Kanabis – India’s vegan footwear brand hopes to replace the leather Design / Offbeat

In 2015, Devika Srimal Bapna, a former CA (chartered accountant) from Delhi, launched Kanabis – a fashionable, PETA-approved footwear brand for women. The aim of the footwear label is to replace leather for high-quality canvas. To fight cruelty against animals, the shoes offered by the company are made from superior quality canvas, fabric, jute and other alternatives for leather.

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