Artist uses soggy tea bags as canvases to paint intricate scenes Art / Painting

While most of us throw away used tea bags in the trash, artist Zaman Uz sees them as unique canvases to paint intricate scenes. The result is a beautiful series of paintings, entitled ‘Teabag Stories,’ which portray everyday scenes that we often neglect in our busy lives. All of these illustrations are made on soggy and old tea bags, which surprisingly make wonderful tiny canvases.

Stunning 3D portrait made by drilling over 20,000 screws into wood Art / Design / Painting

Half painting, half sculpture! The outstanding 3D portrait, titled Descent, is created by artist Bruce Mackley by drilling over 20, 000 everyday screws into a wooden board. To sculpt this industrial mosaic, he used decking and framing screws and further set them into painted pine board at varying depths. The result is a breathtaking 3D painting that looks realistic from a certain distance. Only when...

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Photographer recreates Gustav Klimt’s iconic paintings with real models Art / Painting / Photography

What if your favourite painting on the wall could come alive? Well, we’re not sure about all the paintings, but Gustav Klimt’s iconic paintings, which were created during his “Golden Phase” from 1899 through 1910, are brought into real life by photographer Inge Prader. The talented photographer has managed to recreate selected iconic works with the help of real models.

Food Art: Malaysian artist creates striking portraits on smoothie bowls Art / Offbeat / Painting

We were always taught not to play with our food, but after looking at the incredible food art by Malaysian food artist Hazel Zakariya you won’t mind experimenting with it a little. The imaginative food artist pops colours and creates striking portraits on her smoothie bowls. All of these smoothie bowls portray unconventional visuals that are likely to grab the attention of the viewers.

Inject Art: Filipino nurse creates beautiful paintings using a syringe Art / Painting

Have you ever thought of creating a painting using a syringe? Well, most of you may think this is not possible. But Kimberly Joy Magbanua, a 24-year-old registered nurse in a hospital in the Philippines, uses syringes to create unique artwork. Dubbed Inject Art, all her paintings are the result of immense dedication and hours of hard work.

Art on Ukulele: Famed artists paint ukuleles to raise money for a charity Art / Instruments / Painting

Art on Ukulele is a new audio-visual project organised by the team behind Art on a Postcard, the annual charity event that sees artists and designers create anonymous postcard prints, which are then auctioned in aid of the Hepatitis C Trust. This time they have collaborated with famed artists including Mick Rooney, Cathy Pilkington, and Allen Jones to paint various ukuleles to raise money for...

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7-year-old girl sells her paintings to fund education for poor kids Art / Artists / Painting

This seven-year-old girl is a heartwarming example of parenting skills done right. While most of us keep cribbing about various social issues in our houses or offices, Sanjana Bhosale, a standard 2 student from OES International School, Vasai, Mumbai, is showing us how to be selfless and spread some love. India’s youngest philanthropist sells her beautiful paintings to help raise funds to educate underprivileged kids.

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