Artist creates these portraits by folding paper over hundred times Art / Painting

It’s not uncommon that artists spend hours, weeks or even days to create stunning paintings or portraits using paints/pencils or other mediums. But German artist J. Sophia Sanner uses a unique paper folding technique to create stunning human portraits. We wonder how much time and energy is required to create each portrait.

Déjà Vu Art / Handicraft / Painting

At first glance, these colourful cityscapes created by Polish artist Albin Talik look like oil paintings with bold, irregular brush strokes. But these are actually collages made out of torn scraps of paper. The technique is called paper painting in which thousands of pieces of cut paper are taken in a whole array of colours and further arranged on a canvas using glue.

Painted instruments boasting famous works of Dali and other great artists Art / Instruments / Painting

Music mashups have become a thing in the recent years. But now a Canadian artist has brought astounding mashup into musical instruments as well. Entitled as ‘Dali meets the Masters,’ the painted instruments series by Ilana Tavshunsky showcases renowned surrealist Salvador Dali travelling through history and collaborating with other great artists of those eras.

Street Art: Delhi’s Lodhi art district boasts artworks of a Brazilian duo Art / Artists / Painting

You may be already familiar with Delhi’s Lodhi art district, where streets are turned into unique canvases for graffiti artists. What started as an underground graffiti culture in India a few years back has evolved into an influential street art movement. Recently, a Brazilian duo collaborated with St+Art India Foundation to transform the walls of India’s first open air art district.

Artist Maxime Taccardi uses his own blood to paint masterpieces! Art / Painting

Some of you may find it horrifying and ridiculous, but there are some artists who take offering ‘ blood, sweat and tears’ to create art a bit too literally. One of those artists is Maxime Andre Taccardi, who doesn’t even hesitate to shed his blood to make paintings. After cutting his wrist, he uses paint brush directly on the wound to take blood as an...

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Steven Spazuk creates ethereal paintings using fire and smoke Art / Painting

While most painters opt commonly used paints such as acrylics, oils, watercolours and pastels to create their stunning artworks, Canadian artist Steven Spazuk refines the art of painting with fire and smoke. For the past 16 years, this brilliant fire artist has been making impressive works of art using soot left behind from candle flames.

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