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Artistic pharmacist cleverly combines his drawings with real life Art / Artists / Sketching

Mokhallad Habib from Lebanon, Middle East is a professional pharmacist but he doesn’t let his profession interfere with his creativity. Tickling his artistic nerve every now or then, he likes to create fun anime drawings that cleverly blends with the realistic world. It is really amazing to see how he mixes drawing, photography and real-life objects to form unique surreal scenes.

Oregon artist turns metal objects into an array of metal sculptures Art / Offbeat

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Proving this phase right, Oregon-based artist Del Loose turns scrap metal objects into stunning sculptures. Using old tools, farm equipment, as well as, kitchen utensils, he has sculpted an array of metal sculptures. So, far he has created metal art pieces in shape of birds and fishes and even built two custom cars.

Leaf Art: Filipino artist turns green leaves into eye-catching human faces Art

Art is limitless and a talented artist can convert anything into a masterpiece. One such brilliant artist is Jeh Aquino from Philippines, who turns delicate green leaves into eye-catching human faces. Recently, Aquino displayed his impressive and unusual artworks on Twitter and his skills were appreciated on social media – due to the use of the unusual medium for creating art.

Artist portrays Indian women as mermaids through intricate paper art Art / Design

Ahmedabad-based Indian artist Parth Kothekar portrays the uniqueness of Indian women as mermaids through his intricate paper cutouts. He creates detailed mermaid papercuts with the aim to display innocence, struggle, freedom, and depth of Indian women. Each paper cutout boasts mermaid figurine, featuring upper body of an Indian lady and lower body is shaped like the tail of a fish. 

Leaf Art: Artist creates intriguing artwork on fallen leaves Art / Design / Handicraft

Artists have an incredible ability to turn almost anything into a beautiful work of art. Lorenzo Manuel Durán from Cáceres, Spain is one such artist who keeps art natural by carving intriguing designs on fallen leaves. He uses a scalpel to precisely cut designs into leaves of all shapes and sizes. The resulting leaf art is intricately beautiful and delicate at the same time.

Bob Marley Art / DIY

Vinyl records were mainly used for listening music long before the digital era of Mp3 players, iPods and downloaded music. Even today these vinyl discs exist but in form of artworks. Recently, we came across the brilliant work of artist Tereza Olivia, who turns old vinyl records into intricate art pieces.

Artist: Long-bin Chen Art

A book is so much more than a reading material. It’s a key to knowledge – it provides wisdom, as well as, gives wings to your imagination. Only bibliophiles will understand the happiness that one gets while reading a book – no matter a new one or an old book. But have you ever thought of creating sculptures from vintage books?

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