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15-year-old boy from Kinnaur has built electricity-generating shoes Inspirational / Offbeat

While researchers in various fields are focusing on alternative ways to harness energy in an environmentally-friendly manner, Harshul Rattan Vikramaditya Negi, a 15-year-old boy from Himachal Pradesh, has built electricity-generating shoes to charge devices. A specially designed device resides in the footwear to harnesses the kinetic energy as people walk.

Bengaluru man builds vertical gardens using plastic bottles & coconut shells DIY / Inspirational

Bengaluru-based Sadhan Radhakrishnan, an employee of an e-commerce company, is an avid gardener. When he moved to the Garden City five years ago, he started missing the greenery around his new home – as his house in Mumbai has four balconies, each with their own mini garden. Bring the same green feel to his house in Bengaluru, he started vertical gardening using plastic bottles, coconut...

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Junk-to-Art: Delhi Metro park features artworks made from trash Art

With growing level of environmental awareness, it’s good to know that people are finding ways to preserve nature and reduce waste. Last month, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) unveiled a one-of-a-kind nature park, dubbed Prakriti Metro Park, which features creative art installations made from waste materials, including iron scrap, discarded sheets, broken pipes, and tiles.

Peepal Farm recovers injured stray or abandoned animals in Dharamsala Inspirational

Located in Dhanotu village near Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, Peepal Farm is a recovery center that gives the second life to injured stray animals. The organic farm has been set up by Robin Singh along with Joellen Anderson for stray animals and those who want to do something for animal welfare and animal rights. Not only dogs, but the recovery center also takes care of other...

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This Delhi girl transforms recyclable goods into fashion jewellery Art / Design

You may have seen various projects made from waste materials, but Aanchal Sukhija, a Delhi-based fashion blogger and designer, has given a fashionable twist to recyclable goods. Taking the social message “Go Green” to another level, the talented designer has started her own jewellery line made out of everyday objects, instead of using precious metals and gemstones.

Kanabis – India’s vegan footwear brand hopes to replace the leather Design / Offbeat

In 2015, Devika Srimal Bapna, a former CA (chartered accountant) from Delhi, launched Kanabis – a fashionable, PETA-approved footwear brand for women. The aim of the footwear label is to replace leather for high-quality canvas. To fight cruelty against animals, the shoes offered by the company are made from superior quality canvas, fabric, jute and other alternatives for leather.

Sharlho: Dharamsala-based eco-fashion label taking care of the planet Handicraft

With stylish clothing brands easily available online, people nowadays have easier access to fast fashion. However, there are a lot of unethical practices (from using hazardous chemicals to killing animals for leather) behind these high-fashion brands. But betting against fast fashion, Dharamsala-based eco-friendly clothing line Sharlho promotes traditional Himalayan craftsmanship on modern apparel, while taking care of the environment.

Recycled Art: Shimla-based artist creates animal figurines out of trash Art

We all know how important it is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Sadly, there are people who still don’t hesitate a bit to throw garbage on roads, corners or any empty space they find. But Shimla-based green artist Om Prakash Sharma is someone who creatively makes use of waste material by turning it into decorative animal figurines.