This zero-gravity pot lets your houseplants float in mid-air Design

Your houseplants no longer have to sit on boring shelves anymore, Swedish company Flyte wants them to float in mid-air with their zero-gravity pot. Dubbed Lyfe, the snazzy sci-fi flower pot is designed to hover over an oak base via magnetic levitation. Hence, it allows the plant to gently rotate while providing 360-degrees of sunlight exposure throughout the year.

The 12-sided geodesic flower pot has been molded from silicon that makes it grippy and tactile. It is further integrated with a custom-shaped magnet that pushes up against its electromagnetic base, allowing the planter to levitate in the air.

Lyfe zero-gravity planter by Flyte-2

According to the studies, magnetic field accelerates the ripening of certain fruits and also enhances plant’s metabolism. So, you can expect your plants to be healthier in this unique levitating planter. The planter also has a hidden water reservoir that collects extra water through drainage system to prevent over-watering.

Lyfe zero-gravity planter by Flyte-3

However, this planter is more suitable for air plants – ‘Tillandsia’ – which were discovered by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. These air plants do not require roots or soil to grow, instead, they absorb necessary nutrients and water through their leaves. The species of air plants include colourful Tillandsia ionantha and tentacled Tillandsia pseudobaileyi.

Besides being a flourishing planter, this levitating pot will also be a lively addition to your home or office space. You can pre-order it from the company’s official website for $249.

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