‘Art of Holy Faces’ captured in a striking photo series by Omar Reda Art / Photography

Previously, we featured Lebanese photographer Omar Reda’s captivating photo series in which people’s hands were clicked to tell their life stories. Now, the talened photographer has unveiled his another striking photograph collection that captures the ‘Art of Holy Faces,’ which features the snapshots of Hindu holy men.

In different countries around the world, there are diverse religious and cultural beliefs. Some don’t believe in the existence of God, however, there are others who believe in God and worship the creator in forms of statues, monuments, or in some other way, as per their religious beliefs.

The one thing common in all these different ways of worshipping is the art and creativity. From the idols found in various places of worship to the architecture and the colourful attire that holy men wear, everything has a touch of creativity that has been followed since ages.

Instead of capturing monuments and statues, holy men of Hinduism intrigued the most to Reda. The way ‘Sadhus’ (or ascetics) paint their faces in the name of their deity grabbed the photographer’s attention. Each face painting differentiates it from the rest and comes in different shapes and colour combinations, symbolizing the deity that the devotees worship.

According to Reda, art and design are the essential part of human evolution since the beginning of our time. Art and creativity also have a special place in the way people worship the supreme power.

Preview ‘The Art of Holy Faces’ in the images below. Also, check out more photos from the series on Reda’s website or Instagram.

Art of Holy Faces-1

Art of Holy Faces-2

Art of Holy Faces-3

Art of Holy Faces-4

Art of Holy Faces-5

Art of Holy Faces-6

Art of Holy Faces-7

Art of Holy Faces-8

Art of Holy Faces-11

Art of Holy Faces-12

Art of Holy Faces-9

Art of Holy Faces-10

Art of Holy Faces-13

Art of Holy Faces-14

Art of Holy Faces-15

Art of Holy Faces-16

Art of Holy Faces-17

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