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You may be already familiar with Delhi’s Lodhi art district, where streets are turned into unique canvases for graffiti artists. What started as an underground graffiti culture in India a few years back has evolved into an influential street art movement. Recently, a Brazilian duo collaborated with St+Art India Foundation to transform the walls of India’s first open air art district.

The colourful eye-popping murals by Brazilian design and illustration collective stretch across Khan Market to Meharchand Market in Lodhi District, Delhi. Two brilliant artists Douglas Castro and Renato Reno from Brazil-based design studio Bicicleta Sem Freio, also known as Bicycle Without Brakes, have given the amazing makeover to the street walls.

Lodhi Street Art by Brazilian Duo

Brazilian duo – Douglas Castro and Renato Reno

Two murals under the Indian street art project are entitled as ‘Facing Walls’ and has been inspired by the local Indian flora fauna. Both Douglas and Renato have worked individually on their pieces this time and the results are truly amazing. These attractive wall murals are likely to attract both locals and tourists, making them aware of both Indian and Brazilian cultures in an artistic way.

The Facing Walls project is being supported by the Embassy of Brazil, Swachh Bharat Mission, CPWD and Sanskriti Museums. Together all these authorities and campaigns are aiming to blend two cultures that celebrate life events in the most colourful way.

Lodhi Street Art

Via: TheBetterIndia | Photo Courtesy: Akshat Nauriyal

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